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Perma Ballast® for Ferries
BTI: Experienced, Versatile, Efficient

Island Sky (Vancouver Shipyards)

"The ferry Island Sky runs just 10 miles across the mouth of British Columbia's Jervis Inlet, 65 miles northwest of Vancouver. But by agreement between Lloyds and Transport Canada, the new double-ender has been built to full Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) certification under International Maritime Organization (IMO) rules. The result is a beautifully functional and safe vessel built to the highest standards." (Read More)

Sea Level Ferry (Orange Shipbuilding)

North Carolina Department of Transportation Ferry Division

"The North Carolina Department of Transportation's Ferry Division extends over seven routes, one emergency route, has 21 ferries, and employs over 400 workers. The operations are supported by a full service shipyard at Manns Harbor and 10 support vessels, including dredge, military-style landing craft utility vehicles (LCUs), tugs, and barges. The Ferry Division operates over 200 sailings, with the ferries covering 1,200 miles (1,900 km) each day. The system includes the world's longest fare-free ferry route." (Read More)


Swan Quarter (Orange Shipbuilding)

Outer Banks Ferry System

"The Swan Quarter ferry is actually the longest of the seven North Carolina routes, and travels 2.5 hours across the quiet North Carolina mainland to Ocracoke Island. The closest "big" towns to Swan Quarter include Bath, Washington, and Belhaven, which makes this route one of the most secluded in the Outer Banks. As such, the route generally only has between 2-4 crossings per day from either side, which typically run from the early morning hours to about 4 or 4:30 in the afternoon." (Read More)

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