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Container Ships
& Ro-Ro Ships

Perma Ballast® for Container Ships

BTI: Experienced, Versatile, Efficient

Matson's MV R.J Pfeiffer

Building a Service Designed to Meet a Growing Hawaii Economy 

"In 1985, two unique container barges, the Haleakala and Mauna Loa, were introduced to Matson's Neighbor Island fleet. In 1991, the ro-ro Neighbor Island barge, Waialeale, was constructed and added to Matson's Neighbor Island Service and in 1992, the diesel-powered containership MV R. J. Pfeiffer was added to the fleet." (Read More)

Cape Intrepid and Cape Islander

"SS Cape Intrepid was originally laid down in 1975 as SS Arizona a Type C7 ship intended for both commercial or military use. The ship was launched in 1975 and turned over to the Maritime Administration for commercial use and acquired by the Lykes Brothers and named the SS Lipscomb Lykes..." (Read More)

"Cape Islander, a style of fishing boat mostly used for lobster fishing, is an inshore motor fishing boat found across Atlantic Canada having a single keeled flat bottom at the stern and more rounded towards the bow. The Cape Island style boat is famous for its large step up to the bow. They are known for being good "sea" boats, and riding the swells well..." (Read More)

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