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Perma Ballast® Fixed Ballast

A Proven Product with a
100% Project Success Rate!

What is Perma Ballast® Fixed Ballast?


Perma Ballast® Fixed Ballast introduces a revolutionary solution tailor-made for ships and offshore structures. Its exceptional qualities and innovative design make Perma Ballast® the ultimate choice, ensuring unparalleled stability, safety, and efficiency in maritime operations. Whether you're in the shipping industry or involved in offshore construction, Perma Ballast® emerges as the optimal solution for all your ballasting requirements.

About Perma Ballast® Fixed Ballast:


Perma Ballast® Fixed Ballast is a proprietary material developed by our team of experts using advanced engineering techniques. It is a high-density composite material specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of the marine industry. With its exceptional stability and strength, Perma Ballast® ensures the safe and efficient operation of ships and offshore structures.

Perma Ballast® Fixed Ballast Applications:

  • Ship Ballasting Systems: Perma Ballast® Fixed Ballast provides a stable and secure ballast system for ships of all sizes. It ensures safe navigation, reduces fuel consumption, and enhances overall vessel performance.

  • Offshore Platforms: Perma Ballast® Fixed Ballast enhances the stability and load-bearing capacity of offshore platforms, ensuring safe and efficient operations even in challenging environments.

  • Floating Structures: Whether it's floating docks, pontoons, or floating wind farms, Perma Ballast® Fixed Ballast provides the necessary stability and support for these structures, increasing their efficiency and safety.

Installation Facts:

  • ​Perma Ballast® Fixed Ballast can be installed quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively while the vessel is quayside or in dry-dock.

  • The installation process can be completed in a matter of days, depending on the size of the vessel, without significantly disrupting day-to-day operations.

  • Perma Ballast® Fixed Ballast is installed as a thick, pumpable slurry or paste.

  • The optimized particle size distribution and minimal void volume provide maximum density in the ballast bed, making it highly stable and non-shifting.

Why Choose Perma Ballast® Solid Ballast:


​Ballast Technologies, Inc. has been supplying and installing Perma Ballast® pumpable fixed ballast since the 1980’s.  Perma Ballast® Fixed Ballast consists of inert solids, mixed only with water. By varying the formulation, we can vary the installed density of Perma Ballast® Fixed Ballast between  2.1-4.8 t/m3. Perma Ballast® is non-toxic, chemically stable, non-reactive and environmentally safe. Furthermore, because Perma Ballast® Fixed Ballast contains no chemical binders, it can be removed making it a sustainable option.

Contact Us:

To learn more about Perma Ballast® Solid Ballast and how it can benefit your maritime operations, please contact our team of experts. We are available to answer any questions you may have and provide detailed information on our proven solid ballast installation supply and installation services.

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